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    • Yeah right I can just farmers everywhere rushing out to buy $120,000.00 ute  Paul
    • yeah mate I have no idea but I would think the lightning bolt normal would mean the alternator is not charging how is the brushes in the alternator are they free and not worn out maybe they stick when you first start for the day    Paul
    • I wonder why Australia can produce special low volume trucks as our mainstream trucks and charge a packet for them I would guess one these would be around $500,000.00 and there is a waiting time of over 6 months  Yet Volvo Mack USA keep building things people dont want I have spent a lot of time for a farmer running around delivering hay up and down the hwy of late and still the most popular B double truck I see in this part of Australia is the Mack Trident axle forward they are every where  Surely the parent company Mack Volvo USA can see this ????? I would think if you want a bigger slice of the pie you gotta start making what people want  Sorry Im like a stuck record on this but I hope someone some where in the US will sit up and pay attention  And as far as KW Australia and their new jigger go I hope it goes for them as planned    Paul
    • The all-new Kenworth T610 and T610SAR*, from Paccar Australia. * SAR - Short Australian Right-hand drive
    • Matt Wood, Trade Trucks AU  /  December 2, 2016 The choice of the ADF, the Benz wagon is now on the market in a 4x4 cab-chassis variant  Mercedes-Benz has just launched a work focused 4x4 cab-chassis spin-off of it’s capable, yet premium-priced, 4x4 G-Wagon (Geländewagen ). The G-Wagon professional brings a 2 metric ton (4,409lb) payload (4,490kg GVM without tray) to the table as well as a formidable off-road pedigree. The Benz G-Wagon is already the light vehicle of choice for the Australian Defence Force. The G-Pro sits on 16-inch alloys and has 245mm of ground clearance and a 650mm wading depth. It uses full-time 4x4 system with front, rear and centre diff-locks. Drive to the front and rear wheels is split 50:50. For those who like to strut up and down their bonnet while in the bush, the engine lid can be fitted with non-slip material and has a load capacity of 100kg. The G-Pro also has a braked towing capacity of 2,210kg. Live front and rear axles are suspended by coil springs all round. The 3,400mm (134 inch) wheelbase of the G-Pro gives room for a 2,400mm (7.87 foot) tray which makes for easy load distribution across both axles. Under the bonnet sits a 3-litre V6 diesel that provides 135kW (181hp) at 3,800rpm and 400Nm from 1,600 to 2,000 rpm. And behind that donk sits a 5-speed auto as standard equipment. There’s also a tyre pressure monitoring system to alert the driver of any sudden deflation. A factory snorkel and cyclonic air filter are standard fit as is a bullbar and headlight and indicator protection mesh. Fuel capacity is 96 litres and electrics are powered by a dual 12 volt battery system. To keep things safe, the down and dirty Benz is equipped with a switchable ESC system that includes Electronic Brake Force Distribution and Brake Assist and ABS. It also gets driver and passenger airbag. There is no factory tray option so the G-Pro arrives sans tray. Customers will have to arrange for their own body or tray fitment. The G300 CDI has a manufacturers recommended list price of AU$119,900 (US$89,268) Including GST and LCT(this excludes dealer delivery and on road costs including tray).  .
    • New Kenworth Unveiled Diesel News AU  /  December 4, 2016 Paccar HQ in Bayswater has seen a new Kenworth unveiled, the T610. Available in two models, the T610 and T610 SAR, this new generation of Kenworths looks set to revolutionise the truck maker’s range, here in Australia. After almost a decade of development, and the result of more than 100,000 Australian design hours and more than ten million kilometres of testing and validation, Paccar said the T610 is the single largest investment in product development the company has ever made in Australia. The new models have been designed to utilise the technology and components available from the Paccar organisation worldwide, but put it together in a particularly Australian way, to meet the trucking industry’s needs both in terms of power and dimensions as well as being able to remain durable in Aussie conditions. The new cabin is fitted to the traditional Kenworth chassis and is the coming together of three sections, an adaptation of the unitary driver’s cab used in the US, a sleeper compartment custom built at the Bayswater plant and a fibre glass roof designed and built in Australia. The 2.1 metre wide cab is almost 300 mm wider than the outgoing cab, with the engineers having also pushed the cab 300 mm forward over the engine to meet Australia’s difficult length laws. With the introduction of the Cummins X15 engine, the new trucks will be available from 450 to 600 hp. This means the two new models will have the capability to replace all of the existing T4 and T6 range from Kenworth. Not that the existing models will be going away anytime soon, Kenworth will be building old and new models, side by side on the production line for the time being. Kenworth says the new cabin is centred entirely around the needs of the driver. Incorporated into the design is greater foot space, more standing room and storage, wider walkthrough access between the seats and more expansive door and windscreen glass, providing space, visibility and ergonomics never before seen in Kenworth’s suite of Australian made trucks. “The core of this project was about building a bigger cab but it’s really about creating the ultimate driver environment,” said Brad May, PACCAR Australia’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “A good driver environment leads to better all-round driving performance, safety, efficiency and productivity.” .
    • Exclusive Report: Kenworth launches new T610 Steve Brooks, Owner/Driver  /  December 4, 2016 Kenworth’s new T610 is the biggest and most expensive truck development program ever undertaken in the company’s Australian history. From Kenworth headquarters and behind the wheel, Steve Brooks files this detailed report In the 40 years and more since Paccar first started building Kenworths at its renowned Bayswater (Vic) facility, there has been nothing quite like the new T610. Sure, the first T600s in the mid-80s revolutionised the world of conventional truck design but in the 30 years since then, the actual structure of Kenworth conventionals with their 1.83 metre wide cab has changed very little. Until now! In fact, senior Kenworth insiders say there is nothing in Paccar’s Australian history to even remotely match the investment made in the T610 with its 2.1 metre wide cab. Word has it that by the time trucks start rolling out of Bayswater in February 2017, around $20 million will have been spent on an entirely new conventional truck engineered and built to the specific requirements of Australia and surrounding regions. Some perspective on the extent of the investment in the T610 is perhaps best understood by the fact that the entire range of current 09 models (T409, T609, T909 etc) plus the radically revamped K200 cab-over all came to life for less than half of what will be spent on bringing the T610 into existence. "This is the biggest single investment ever made in new Kenworth product in this country and outside Australia there is nothing like this truck anywhere in Paccar," said a proud Brad May, Paccar Australia sales and marketing director. "We basically took what we could from Paccar’s global platform but no one should be in any doubt that the engineering and design of the finished product are all ours, all done in Bayswater." Major cost items like the firewall and floor structures as well as a completely new and strengthened dash are uniquely Australian, fully engineered at Bayswater to achieve the structural durability and design goals deemed essential for this market. "Our parent company obviously had to approve the investment and we certainly utilised Paccar’s facilities in the US in the durability validation process, but the engineering design is totally ours," Brad May emphasised. "This is a truck engineered in Australia, for Australia. Absolutely!" While external styling is definitely different and comes with a number of ancillary features adapted from the inventories of both Kenworth and Peterbilt in the US, the T610 is unquestionably an exercise in substance over style. Most notably, the cab is wider, taller and in sleeper form, vastly more spacious and liveable than the long-serving cab of Kenworth’s current conventional range. Unlike existing T4 models, for example, sleeper versions of the 610 provide full standing room from the seat to the sleeper and there’s little doubt this fact alone will be a major attraction for owners and drivers alike. For its initial assault on the market, Kenworth’s new T610 will immediately supersede the hugely successful T409 and its SAR derivative, but only those powered by the 15 litre Cummins ISXe5 engine. The 610’s first foray into the market will see it offered in set-back and set-forward (SAR) front axle configurations, initially as a day cab or with an 860 mm (36 inch) sleeper. Of course, further sleeper options will be progressively added. Meantime, ‘409s punched by Paccar’s own 13 litre MX engine will for the time being continue with the current 1.83 metre cab and existing sleeper options. It’s understood, however, that development work on an MX-powered version (T410) is already well under way. As for other conventionals in the Kenworth range, the 2.1 metre cab is almost certain to be applied to all models in due course. The T610 evolved from the conceptual possibilities provided by a US$400 million Paccar development program in the US around 2008 which ultimately saw the release of new Kenworth and Peterbilt models, notably the T680 and Pete 579.  Despite their fiercely held independence, the new Kenworth and Peterbilt models shared a new 2.1 metre wide cab. Realising the obvious potential of the wider cab, Australia’s product planning team were soon in touch with their US counterparts investigating the possibilities of a wider righthand-drive cab for the Australian market. As Brad May remarked, it was a long and highly detailed exercise and while a wider cab was seen as a ‘no-brainer’ for the next generation of Kenworth product, building a truck capable of enduring Australia’s operational and regulatory requirements was an all-consuming task. Meantime, the hugely successful T409 with the Cummins 15 litre engine was seen from the outset as an ideal first candidate for the new cab. Evolving from the T600, the T4 family has grown to become the most versatile range in the Kenworth armoury. There are, however, issues associated with the installation of a big bore engine into the relatively narrow confines of the existing 1.83 metre cab. Chief among those issues are a narrow driver’s footwell, awkward access to the bunk due to limited space and lack of standing room between the seats, complex steering geometry, and poor service access to the rear of engine, particularly the 15 litre Cummins. Yet as a few hours behind the wheel of a pre-production unit quickly verified, the 2.1 metre cab of the T610 dramatically diminishes all these issues and in the case of steering geometry, completely negates concerns about complexity thanks to a straight shaft from the cab to the chassis-mounted steering box. The T610 also provides a substantial (30%) increase in space around the driver’s footwell, the gap between the seats has been significantly opened and with a rise in the height of the bunk, there’s now room for an optional slide-out fridge. It’s actually amazing what Kenworth has achieved with an extra 270 mm between the B-pillars. Meanwhile, floor height of the cab has been lifted by around 75 mm, adding another step for the climb in and out. However, the advantages of the higher floor are considerable. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that it has allowed the cab to be moved forward to create a bumper to back-of-cab (BBC) dimension of just 112 inches on the day cab model, giving the newcomer particularly strong appeal for any number of length-critical applications. By comparison, the current T409 has a BBC of 116 inches. Stayin’ Cool Importantly, the higher stance of the cab allows greater airflow underneath to enhance cooling efficiency and considerably improves service access to the rear of the engine. Furthermore, the taller cab also improves visibility though some drivers may rue the fact that the top of the KW ‘bug’ is no longer visible and therefore unavailable as a line of sight to the edge of the road. Kenworth insiders, however, are quick to point out that the bug remains visible over the snout of the SAR version. Still, it’s almost certain some operators will question the cost-effectiveness of the T610’s single-piece windscreen over the two-piece ‘screen available on current T4s. For now though, Kenworth says it will be sticking with the single ‘screen. However, it’s highly unlikely anyone will question the mirrors. Adapted from US models, they’re mounted on low slung dual arms and offer little visual interference on the approach to roundabouts and the like. They’re also incredibly strong as a Kenworth executive demonstrated by swinging his full weight from the mounting arm. Under the hood, the T610 uses an aluminium radiator and an assertive Brad May says the new model has no difficulty cooling 600 hp at high loads and high ambient temperatures. As for durability of the aluminium cooler, May says there have been no issues with the aluminium radiator used in MX-powered 409s and given the amount of testing done on the T610, Kenworth is entirely confident there won’t be any dramas with the new installation. Furthermore, Kenworth is adamant that despite the bigger cab there has been no increase in tare weight due in large part to the use of aluminium wherever possible, not least in the radiator and the majority of the cab shell. It’s worth mentioning, however, the roof of sleeper cab models is made of a strong yet lightweight composite material. Typically, quality and strength were high on the priority list with extensive engineering and test procedures put in place from the outset. One of those procedures was to ‘wire’ a T650 operating in roadtrain roles with Queensland-based livestock specialist Ross Fraser to electronically record a ‘drive file’ of real world and often severe road conditions for testing and engineering validation. This data platform was the critical factor in creating what Brad May says is "The strongest cab we’ve ever built," with test cabs enduring three times the normal cycle of shaker tests. "No Kenworth cab has undergone greater durability assessment than the T610 and the whole structure stood up to everything put to it. Meanwhile, back in Bayswater the cab was subjected to ECE R-29 crash standards and again came through with flying colours according to Brad May. Likewise, the interior layout is a uniquely Australian design. For example, between the firewall and an injection moulded dash fascia which is said to be double the thickness of US designs, a totally new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system was created for Australian conditions. Additionally, the structural integrity of the dash and its underlying components are founded on what Kenworth describes as a purposely designed cross-car steel beam stretching across the width of the dash. "A huge amount of time, effort and obviously money went into the dash and all the components attached to it. It was a complex exercise but we knew it had to be absolutely right," Brad May remarked. Visually, the dash is decidedly different but in typical Kenworth fashion, strong on function and form. The initial design sees a woodgrain fascia surrounding traditional gauges, with an optional multi-function touchscreen in the pipeline. Lower down and within relatively easy reach is a line of switches to a wide range of functions such as engine brake, diff lock and the like. Meanwhile, switches for cruise control, audio, and menu functions for an LCD info display directly in front of the driver are mounted on the arms of a comfortably padded steering wheel. Most prominent gauges are obviously the speedo and rev counter under the LCD screen. On each side are well positioned gauges and Kenworth points out that up to 18 gauges can be specified in the T610.  Putting practicality first and certainly bucking the trend in automotive design are exposed fasteners holding the dash in place. "The trend in automotive styling these days is to hide screws and fasteners," Brad May explained. "But if something needs attention behind the dash, access is made a lot easier and there’s much less chance of damage by simply undoing a few easily reached screws to get behind the dash fascia." Surprisingly, cup holder trays on the lower edge of the dash centre differ between automated and manual transmissions. With a manual stick, the cup holder is neat and unobtrusive but automated versions have the ‘cobra’ shift controller mounted on a much larger assembly which extends notably into cab space. In the lead-up to the launch of the T610, the first field evaluation unit went to work with high profile fleet McColl’s in June and over following months another four units – day cab and sleeper versions – hit the highways with various operators. Kenworth insists that by the time production trucks start rolling out of Bayswater, at least 11 pre-production T610s will be involved in ongoing field trials. Trial results have been extraordinarily positive says Brad May, adding that the years of careful planning, local engineering and design experience, and brutal test procedures have driven high levels of confidence that Kenworth’s latest will also be its greatest.  "The T610 is home-grown and we are already incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved with this truck," he said earnestly. "Yes, we’re extremely confident but then, I think we have good reason to be. "After all, the T610 is the latest evolution of what we’ve been doing in this country for 40 years. Building trucks for Australia." .
    • New Kenworth T610 launched in Melbourne Prime Mover Magazine  /  December 5, 2016 After almost a decade of development, Kenworth has officially launched the new T610 model during a spectacular ceremony in Melbourne on the weekend. The result of more than 100,000 Australian design hours and more than ten million kilometres of testing and validation, the T610 was specifically developed for the local road transport market, according to Brad May, Paccar Australia’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “The T610 is the single largest investment in product development the company has ever made in Australia,” he said. “It represents everything a Kenworth should be in terms of durability, reliability and safety. Yet the really noticeable product improvements are the superior space, ergonomics and driver comfort and control.” Based on a tried and proven chassis, the T610 features an entirely new cabin that is centred around the needs of the driver, May elaborated. “The core of this project was about building a bigger cab but it’s really about creating the ultimate driver environment. “A good driver environment leads to better all-round driving performance, safety, efficiency and productivity.” At 2.1m, the new cab is almost 300mm wider than the outgoing one (T409, ed.), with the engineers having also pushed the cab 300mm forward over the engine to meet Australia’s stringent length laws and make the T610 more attractive for the contested fleet market. “Incorporated into the design is greater foot space, more standing room and storage, wider walkthrough access between the seats and more expansive door and windscreen glass, providing space, visibility and ergonomics never before seen in Kenworth’s suite of Australian made trucks,” May summarised. While all Kenworth trucks are tested and validated to the same standards, the benchmark for the T610 has been elevated even further, Kenworth’s Engineering Project Design Manager, Ross Cureton explained during the launch event on Saturday. “The T610 has been tested three times more than any Australian Kenworth truck that’s gone before it,” he shared.

      “All Kenworth trucks would normally run on a standard, 60-day shake test program, where the physical cab is mounted on a simulation machine, as if driving on its chassis, to see if it survives. We put the T610 cab through three of these cycles, which acts as if it were being subjected to the vibrations and forces of the worst case road conditions found in Australia.” Cureton said despite the multiple, at times violent simulations, the new Kenworth cab passed with flying colours. “I’ve been at Kenworth for 23 years and the T610 shake test has proven it to be the most durable cab we’ve ever tested, and we wouldn’t want it to be any less, given the Australian market and our collective expectations.” As part of the new cab, Kenworth also developed a new, automotive quality dashboard with improved access to the air conditioning (HVAC, ed.) system and tool free access to electrical circuit protection, plus visually apparent fasteners in the dash to assist further access if required. Under the hood, the new T610 will be powered by Cummins’ X15 Euro V engine with Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain (ADEPT) technology – a term to summarise a whole suite of electronic features that interact with the optional Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), dynamically adapting to operating conditions to enhance fuel economy with no impact to productivity. The T610, which also come in a SAR version, will be offered in either a day cab or a 860mm sleeper to make it suitable for virtually any application – including maximum payload 26m B-double work. The set forward front axle (SAR) version will also make it suitable for 19m single trailer, as well as tipper and dog applications. On the safety front, the 610 will be available with state-of-the-art collision avoidance and mitigation technology, “including active cruise with braking and lane departure warning working in harmony to take safety to the next level”, as Kenworth put it. .
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      As usual Teamster Grrrl,your points are well taken! While I agree in principle with many of Trumps "promises" most are half campaign rhetoric and the other half monetarily and politically impractical! While I would prefer a utopian world where all immigrants entered America like KSBs wife and many others in a legal manner,we are stuck with many who have been here for years that didn't.we don't have space in our overcrowded jails,or the money to deport the others! So give the ones who have no felonies a pass and have them report to processing centers and get an I'd card that will make them legal to work till they become citizens.Have them report annually until they become citizens with instant deportation the penalty for not reporting on time! Find the money and personnel to deport the criminals! Having said this establish a date for these procedures and deport anyone still here who doesn't comply! I suspect that most of those who are here illegally would be happy to begin life "out of the shadows" and work towards citizenship! After the established date Double the personnel and efforts to deport any new illegals and make all new prospective citizens go thru the previous procedure to become citizens!Yeah, I know it isn't fair, but neither is life! Also find a way to make Mexico help police our borders maybe a head fine on illegals! Or a tax on Mexican companies profits on the products they export here! Bet the companies wouldn't be as easy as we are on their " fellow citizens" if it affected their profits!
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    • SmithBrothersTrucking  »  fjh

      Hi!  We have a CTP 713 B with mp 7.  Truck quits running three miles from shop, once a week. The dealer diagnosed and replaced the oil sensor level. The truck went three miles and quit again. The turbo codes have tripped as well. Any ideas, help, thoughts greatly appreciated!  Truck has 300,000 miles on it and runs great when it is running. Thank you. 
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      Mike, while you are looking for a proper horn button if you can find the horn relay you could run a separate wire off it to something hot under the dash with an accessory  fuse to one of those old fashioned horn buttons they are still sold in parts stores.Just find a place to mount it that's accessible but doesn't screw up the dash!
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      Happy birthday DCR! Ever wonder how you got that old? I do every  day! I'm always amazed how cheap retired fire trucks go for! An 87 Ford f 700 with 16000mi 3208 cat With a straight 6speed from a local retirement community's volunteer dept listed at 8700$ admittedly a non purpose built c/c,but not broken in at that mileage! Wouldn't hazard a guess at what it sold for new!Almost certainly could be had for any reasonable offer!
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