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  2. Why buy a Mack; if your not going to get maxitorque or Mack rear ends? For an mp8?
  3. Yes it will! We plan on taking her home in it after the parade...for some privacy because I know she will be in tears! It will be an automatic for now, so she can even drive it if she wants too!
  4. The 4bt is going into an EGX model because the original EN330 engine is going in for a full rebuild. (Once I save my pennies). So this is a temporary fix to get her running before June 29th. The 4bt was used in the oil fields in a sand conveyor ND, and was purchased after a company thought it was bad...turns out it was not bad...just a bad mechanic lol. It is definitely a tight fit..had to change the alternator bracket to fit in between the fenders and the steering box. Ya never know...I might like her better as a diesel! Ha! Especially if Gus is going to haul antique tractors to the local shows! Tracy
  5. I remember the first DM-800 I saw. I met it on the road and my jaw was dropped.
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  7. Have no idea just always wanted to see whats around the bend, what other people and cultures are like I suppose. After service in S.E.Asia, got really curious about the Orient and Middle East. As for the Texas plates, it seems the U.S. plates are coveted there for some reason.
  8. Noob here bear with me... IH is International? So they got rid of the 120 macks they got in 2012 or they never got em?
  9. Thanks everybody to your answers.
  10. Engine 4, Coles District FD, Manassas, VA (retired, collector owned) 1941 Mack EE/American Fire Apparatus 500/500
  11. Engine 3, Farmingville, NY (retired) 1974 Mack CF/1988 Ward '79 LTD refurb 1250/1000 #CF686F12-1002
  12. Nothing says "get outta my way",like a DM-800! Nice! Al
  13. Imagine what this will do to part prices for the existing mp10s Volvo stands to make an even bigger bag of money off that situation! They Can make up for the lack of sales in that department!
  14. Its going to be tough to get the smile off of Grandma's face when she rides in "Gus" again! Al
  15. Hmm. Learn something new everyday. First time I've ever seen a tandem drive without both. Which kind of surprises me, considering the truck was bought for, and used solely in the Texas and Oklahoma oil fields its entire life. Its probably one of the reasons it has such aggressive drive tires on it. I guess my next question is- does the system work like it's supposed to? I know like on old school 4wd pickups, if they didn't have a limited slip, the open differential almost always sends power to the wheel with the least resistance. Rather than to the wheel that could actually grab traction. But like in the explanation above, lightly applying the brakes should help control that. Thank you guys for explaining this to me.
  16. One more point I'll throw out there . Graniteso ate nice trucks but alot of municipality and states use them so certainly not a truck that has much "sex appeal" for lack of a better term. Certainly no competion for a W900 or western star 4900 ex or 389 Pete all of which are available with 20k lb front axles and heavy duty double frames and up to 600 hp . Something mack doesn't have now on the vocational side . Heavy haulers like big flashy trucks not the same one as the state is plowing snow with
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  18. Looks like one of the dogs near the top has a Texas plate on it, long way to drive I guess they must have fixed the bridge.
  19. Yeah like I said before why not make the titan with available mp8 or cummins 15 liter like volvo is doing doesn't make sense . The other thing is I think the d16 /mp10 was the best of mp line for reliability the 13 liter had more issues according to the mechanic we bring our trucks to we have had far less problems than than the mp8 's he works on.
  20. Looking good
  21. Looks like Volvo has pulled the rug out from under Mack's heavy haul business.
  22. I'll sell you a running 673 for $750!
  23. Beastly. I wonder what an 800 would look like with wide front tires.
  24. Just having a little fun with you is all. By the way, to put things in perspective, President Obama signed two executive orders on his first day, and three on his second, 16 for his first month.
  25. What is this connection you have with the middle east Paul-o,,,,,, lived in Israel too? I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Lebanon... Ramallah.... Tehran ..... But too scared too now.
  26. Did you watch him sign the 3 executive orders yesterday? Have you not been hearing every news station whining about trump working revamping healthcare? He hit the ground running and has done more than most politician do in a year on day one. So I say he's kept his word as best as he could.
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