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  2. bbob61, Thx for including my '61X in such good company. But don't hide your light under a bushel basket! Saw your 61X in the ATCA 45 Yearbook-How about a couple of pix of that? My green is " Adirondack"- got that spec from Art at John Haines shop as I always admired their fleet color.
  3. It went for a fairly high price considering the looks of it. $3,691
  4. Interesting comment about the computer shutting down! We have 2 newer engines a 2013 ME and a 2015 Pierce. The KME goes into limp whatever you want to call it ALL the time. thing is a total hunk of shit. We did our training with the Pierce rep his exact quote "there is no limp mode, it's full power to the grave". That's what I like to hear!!!! Oh BTW very nice pack of dogs there!!
  5. Just drive it. Its just a road trip in an old truck.
  6. I know what these fenders are like. I'd like to know what hit that passenger fender to cave it in like that?? Wasn't someones fist, that's for sure!
  7. If someone tried that with my F-model they had better hope I didn't catch them.
  8. Thats almost as bad as the guy who had gotten his F model butchered for the radiator,a while back. Al
  9. There are about 5 different Mack codes that PSID 90 crosses over to. They all have to do with NOX level or DEF issues. Not much you can do with out the Tech Tool.
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  11. Its very hard even for the dealer to look up fault codes unless you hooked to the truck with Tech Tool and get the actual fault code number . Code should start with a SPN**** or P******. Thats the only way we can look them up.
  12. Fuse 74 in the fuse panel on top of the dash is the dimmer/dash light fuse. Or the head light switch which has the dimmer circuit in it. Thats about the only two things I can see
  13. Use new injector hold down bolts and inspect the injectors closely or you will be doing it over soon. There are lots of steps . Get and use the graphit paste like it says. The inector now ony uses the top o-ring. Take your time and you will be OK. We have had a few customers buy the tools and try it themselves with mixed results. Sleeve replacment.pdf
  14. Yes You have to change the side gears in the diff! I ran into this years ago the splines are meant for the older full float axle!
  15. no dash light changed light switch i was told it needs ground so i put one to dash still no lites willing to pay
  16. Bought a new harness .Thought it would be easy to install. A week and half later almost done.
  17. Thanks. I was born confused. But now I know more than I did.
  18. RDxxxP had full depth double frame all the way to the front...Mainly for municipal application with plow gear.
  19. All that work just to get 20 bucks in scrap for the radiator
  20. This one was doing a little better.
  21. Well were not alone!
  22. Definitely put away "wet".........................
  23. It's a CH . I think I'm gonna put 5th wheel on it and run it for a tractor. I've been hauling light enough stuff I can probably get away with it. After that I don't know maybe convert to a pick up or sell it for something else. Sent from my SM-G386W using Tapatalk
  24. I'm getting ready to change my first injector cups on an MP8. Any pointers? I've done several on Cat 3100 and 3400 engines. Just got the tooling. Looks like it works the same. No service manual of course. Any help would be great! Been a Cat dealer Field Service Tech on heavy equipment for many years. Now having to do some truck repair on Cummins and Mack. Learning on the fly with no books!
  25. Technically it always goes to Sunday, but you are correct; it basically is over Saturday afternoon.
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